Adult Learning and Spirituality

At CCPC, we have strong educational ministries for adults of every age and walk of life. Throughout the week, we offer opportunities for adults to grow in faith, interact with the Bible, and develop authentic relationships with others.

Abundant Life Classes

Throughout the year, special short term classes are offered for our church members and our community that educate and provide support for those striving to live the "abundant life" promised to believers.

Sunday Morning Classes

Join us Sundays at 10 am for our Summer Adult Sunday School Classes: 

Hospitality of the Heart - June 4 - 18th, led by Liz Rasley.  Come explore how Jesus defines hospitality.

PresbyU - June 25 through July 16.  As we approach the 500th Anniversary of Reformation, join us as CCPC looks backward, forward, inward and outward.

Conversation Project - July 23.  Learn how to have this difficult conversation with family about dying.

Bringing the Holy Land Home - Bringing the Holy Land home, 1) A Holy Pilgrimage, 2) Holy Sites and Scripture, 3) Reconcilation Then and Now.  Room 312-314.

Young Adults Class - June 4 through August 13.  Led by Vicki Horton, Kym Banks and Harry Hodge, in room 313. 

Bible Studies

Women’s Bible Study Summer 2017

Begins Wednesday, June 14, 2017 through August 23.  Women of CCPC, join us this summer for a soul check.  Any and all women welcome! 

Meeting Time:
Every other Wednesday morning at 10 am, Room 102


"How's Your Soul?"
Beginning on June 14
Books are available at 3rd Floor Reception desk for $8.00

Questions? Email Pam or call 972-238-8103 ext. 306.
For childcare please email Megan Sanders one week in advance. 


Men's Bible Studies
Men's Bible Studies groups are open to men seeking to grow in faith and fellowship.  

Choose between:
Friday mornings, 7:00 am, Room 103
Saturday mornings, 7:45 am, Room 103.

Adult Summer Sunday School in room 312- 314
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Featuring the music of Tom Boehmer and Kelly Vaughn.
Sunday Worship at 9:00 am or 11:05 am. Come and worship with us!
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