The Amazing CCPC Library

The CCPC library a place for all ages, providing inspirational and thought provoking materials for members and friends of our congregation to encourage growth in Christian faith and knowledge.

Our collection includes books, magazines, videos, DVDs, and audio cassettes. The majority of the collection is Bible-related references, commentaries, inspiration and Christian living. The next biggest collection is for youth – fiction, biography, history, geography, science, arts, poetry, etc. – great for homeschooling or an extension of school libraries. There are lots of easy reading books for young children. And if you adults want to relax with a good story, we have those too.

The Classification System

The library uses the Dewey Decimal System to categorize the books. For instance all religious books are in the 200s. In addition to DDS, other prefixes used in the collection call numbers are:

  • FIC – Fiction
  • BIO – Biography
  • J – Juvenile or Youth
  • E - Easy Reading, Picture Books
  • ER – Easy Religious
  • VC – Video Cassette
  • CD – CD-Rom
  • DVD – Digital Video Disc

Library Hours and Policies

Where is the CCPC Library?
The Library is located on the 3rd floor past the receptionist’s desk.

Who may use the CCPC Library?
All members and friends of Canyon Creek Presbyterian Church are invited to use the church library.

When is the library open?
The library is available for reading, studying, or borrowing materials at any time the building is open. Books may be borrowed through a self-checkout system.

How do I find the item I want?
Our collection is available for searching on the Internet. An easy-to-use computer catalogue for locating resources is available in the library between the fiction shelves on the left hand wall.

Do I need a library card?
There are no library cards. Items are signed out by your name and phone number.

How long may I borrow material?
The borrowing period is limited to 4 weeks for circulating books and one week for other materials (magazines, videos, CDs, and audiocassettes.

How many items may I borrow?
There are no set limits on the number of items that may be borrowed at any one time, but please be considerate of others.

How do I renew or reserve an item?
If an item needs to be renewed or reserved, please email the library, naming the title and author.

What if my books are overdue?
There are no fines. Please return materials promptly since others my be waiting to use them. If your book is overdue, you may receive a postcard reminder or a phone call from a friendly volunteer.

Checkout Procedures

  • Take the book card out of the pocket that is located in the back or front of the book, magazine or audio/visual material.
  • Write you name and phone number on the book card.
  • Write the date one month from today on the book card. This will be the due date for the item.
  • Leave the signed card in the card box on the desk.
  • Return items by placing them in the desk slot marked “RETURN HERE.”


Do you accept donations for the purchase of new materials?
We will gladly accept donations for the purchase of an item in honor or in memory of a loved one or to celebrate an event or an accomplishment. You may request a particular title, choose a book from the suggested donations list, or ask us to select a title based on the interests of the person/s honored. We will place a bookplate inside the front cover of the book with your dedication. Checks may be made out to Canyon Creek Presbyterian Church.

Do you accept donations of used materials?
Gifts are accepted with the understanding that we may use the gifts in an appropriate manner. Items should be in good condition and should be current. We ask that donated materials have a copyright date within the last five years. Items may be left on the library desk. Be sure to leave your name and address so we can acknowledge your gift.

Who operates the CCPC Library?
A Library Committee of five members and reports to the Adult and Family Nurture Committee. The Committee is responsible for all aspects of the library – from the selection of materials to making sure the room is maintained.

Volunteering in the Library

Can I volunteer to help with the CCPC Library?
The Committee welcomes volunteers to work as staff in the Library. Staff members assist in preparing materials to circulate, shelving, and planning programs.

How can I review a book to be included online?
If you have read a book from our library, we would love to know about it. Any reviews can be emailed to the library. Include a rating from 1 to 5. Reviews may be included on the library webpage or may be included in the church newsletter.