Youth Music

One of the exciting things about young people today is their enthusiastic response to sharing God's love through singing. The inspiration they have been to the congregation and others outside these walls is spiritually rewarding.  Young people today respond to the beauty of music and its power in a fresh, and non-judgmental way - embracing all types of good music for worship.  At Canyon Creek, Youth Music is offered to help young people grow spiritually, emotionally, and musically, even as they take up the mantle of leading in worship. 

Click here for our Registration Page to sign up for a choir.

Revelation Choir

Currently having sectional rehearsals that meet on Sundays from 5:00-5:30pm. We are singing masked and socially distanced.  
This youth choir, grades 6-12 present virtual choirs monthly while we are not in-person for worship. 

Jubilation Ringers

An Intermediate handbell choir for experienced ringers, grade 6-12, are rehearsing Sundays from 5:00-5:30pm. We are ringing masked and socially distanced. 

Wellness with Pilates Via Zoom, Sunday, through March 7, 2:30pm
Women's Bible Study on Wednesday mornings via Zoom.
Join us for worship, livestreamed on Sunday at 10:30 am