Children's Retreat
Children's Retreat

Children's Retreat

Kids in 2nd through 5th grade are invited to bring their sleeping bags and embark on an all-night fellowship adventure! We will begin at 5:00pm on Friday, April 5th and end at 8:00am on April 6th.  Children in music rehearsal on Friday will be brought down to join us when rehearsal is over.  Bring pajamas or comfy clothes and anything else needed to be comfortable for the night.  Children who do not want to spend the night are welcome to join us at 5:00pm and get picked up at 10:00pm. 

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Bible Study by Pastor Chris on Wed, July 17 at 6pm. Dinner $10. RSVP by July 12 on Events page.
Women's Bible Study bi-weekly on Wednesdays, June 12-Aug 7 at 10am.
All Adults meet together for the summer.
Join us for worship at 9:00 am and 11:05 am.