Our Multimedia Center

Make The Loft Your Own

How do its creators want to see The Loft used?  Chris is clear: “Just use it!  It’s not just a quiet place anymore – I hope it gets loud, filled with energy!  Bring your Small Group to watch a video.  Bring your kids and their friends for a movie.  Or your Book Club.  Invite your neighbors in, fix them coffee and show them what CCPC offers the community.  The Loft is meant to reflect the next phase of our ministry – opening our doors wider – so we welcome your own creative ways to use it.”

For Church Groups and Ministries.  FOL Janet Walters affirms The Loft’s ability to serve other CCPC ministries, envisioning  “multi-media collections for Small Groups, even materials relevant to Sunday’s sermons and CCPC’s ESL and NAMI activities.”

For Readers. Cozy corners, lamps, and chairs for those who want to read in a peaceful setting.  FOL Melva Chapman says, “Our reorganization is meant to accommodate all kinds of visitors.”

Coffee Bar.  With a new Keurig, The Loft will cater to people’s unique tastes for coffee and flavored syrups.  Drop in any time and brew yourself your favorite flavor.

Charging Bar.  Phone, tablet, or laptop needs juice?  Bring it to The Loft and fire it up.

A Movie Club is in the planning stages, along with a program featuring Theology in Film. 

TED Talks Sunday School.  And last but not least, an exciting plan for The Loft is an alternative Sunday School – multi-media TED Talks, drawing on inspirational online TED Talks by writers, thinkers, and innovators.  FOL Janet Walters describes the vision.  “We have in mind new members or visitors who might want to ‘try out’ taking a Sunday School class.  Each would be a stand-alone class taught by a church member who chooses a TED Talk from those online, shows it on-screen, and then facilitates a discussion about it.” 

Look for these classes to begin soon, and let Chris Lee know if you’d like to lead a TED Talk class.


Family Sunday, October 17
Women's Bible Study Wednesdays, 10 am
Family Retreat, November 12-14, Twin Coves Park, Flower Mound
STIR Thursdays at 7 pm Atrium
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Sunday Worship at 11:00 am