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Dear friends,

On this page, you will find weekly reflections on life and faith. My hope is that, in some way, they will prove helpful to you in your daily living. You can also find them on the church's YouTube Channel in the "Weekly Word" playlist. May God bless you on the spiritual journey.

Andrew S. Odom

05/27/2019 8:39 PM

A Time Between Times

05/27/2019 8:39 PM
05/27/2019 8:39 PM

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. (Psalm 27:14)

I go on sabbatical this Monday, June 3 through August 18. Last Sunday we talked about how we handle those moments when we are in a “time between times.” We don’t always deal well with waiting for something we know is about to happen. The psalmist’s words advise us to be strong and take heart as we wait, but we struggle to do so. Those are the times in which we perhaps sense our humanity the most, since waiting patiently is not our forte. We would rather be doing something, anything to keep our minds distracted.

For the past couple of months, I have been preparing for my sabbatical in bits and pieces. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve never had one. I’m used to working. Since I graduated high school, I’ve worked. Before seminary I was in the restaurant business where weekends were the busiest times. I then entered the church as a pastor where weekends remained a foreign experience. And now this, two and a half months of fairly unscheduled time. That is one of the goals, since being over-scheduled is the norm. I’m taking a sabbatical from “the schedule,” which is going to be both challenging and renewing. You may have heard me say that if you want to grow spiritually, then do something outside of your comfort zone. This falls into that category.

So, I will spend this week no doubt preoccupying my time with things to distract my mind while trying to wait patiently for what begins. It will be a week of living in a “time between times.” I’m looking forward to the break, though I will miss being with you. I am also looking forward to being with you this Sunday as we send the graduating seniors off with our blessing. Life is filled with those “time between times” moments. I’m glad we are in it together.

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