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On this page, you will find weekly reflections on life and faith. My hope is that, in some way, they will prove helpful to you in your daily living. You can also find them on the church's YouTube Channel in the "Weekly Word" playlist. May God bless you on the spiritual journey.

Andrew S. Odom

01/15/2019 7:28 AM

He Was Praying

01/15/2019 7:28 AM
01/15/2019 7:28 AM
"When Jesus also had been baptized and was praying, the heaven was opened, and the Holy Spirit descended upon him in bodily form like a dove." (Luke 3:21)
On Sunday we celebrated the Baptism of our Lord when Jesus was baptized by John in the Jordan River. We used the version found in Luke’s gospel, which has a number of unique things about it. We talked about one of them on Sunday where Luke seems to have Jesus simply stand in line like all the others who had gone out that day. We discussed how, by telling the story of Jesus’s baptism in this way, Luke is pointing us to a God who not only becomes one of us, but is willing to stand in line with us, right alongside us.
Another unique thing about the Lukan version is the addition of prayer. No other gospel has Jesus praying here. For Luke, it is the beginning of numerous accounts of Jesus praying. He prays before he calls the disciples. He prays in the story of his transfiguration. He prays on the night he is arrested and at his death, just to mention a few. Prayer is particularly important for Luke, as it is for all of us.
At 7:00 pm tonight, the Session will be deciding whether or not to officially move forward with the capital campaign. Say a prayer for them. The elders who serve on this council are wonderfully dedicated, faithful, and genuine. Together this evening, we will seek God’s guidance for this particular moment in the church. Join them in prayer. May God bless our church family with life, and life abundant.

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