Healing the SCAR

CCPC is continuing the conversation:  Safe Conversations about Racism (SCARs) as we hope to work toward Healing the SCAR!  Check out the lineup:  a variety of meeting types, days and times, both in person and zoom, and the great and diverse leadership!  We hope that everyone will find ways that you can enter conversation and help the healing.  We are in this together!  May God's will be done. 

Please note:  The Zoom link is the same for all events, and is available on each Realm Event.  Need help?  Email Laura at realmhelp@canyoncreekpres.org


SCAR 8 - Townhall Meeting - See below for an informal townhall meeting with your pastors and members of session on a panel to discuss CCPC's discernment around how God is calling us to live into our mission statement.  Please note that the discussion portion was not recorded to allow for completely free discussion of the topic.  

SCAR 9 - “The Gospel According to The Black Panther” - Coming in Spring 2021 - In this light hearted class, we will use various depictions, scenes, characters and plot elements from the blockbuster movie, The Black Panther, as a metaphor for our very “real” world.  The Black Panther adroitly  addresses powerful aspects of our nation’s history in challenging, yet, positive and hopeful ways. Our time together will be spent exploring the cultural and theological implications of the movie.   Led by the Rev. Christopher M. Lee (aka, overly obsessive Marvel movie afficionado)


SCAR 8 - Townhall Presentation of Discernment

Sunday, June 27, 2021 - Racial Justice: But What Can We Do?

SCAR 7 - A Study of Howard Thurman - videos