Reflections on Faith and Community

Dear friends,

On this page, you will find weekly reflections on life and faith. My hope is that, in some way, they will prove helpful to you in your daily living. You can also find them on the church's YouTube Channel in the "Weekly Word" playlist. May God bless you on the spiritual journey.

Andrew S. Odom

06/27/2016 10:14 PM

The Letdown

06/27/2016 10:14 PM
06/27/2016 10:14 PM

Why are you down in the dumps, dear soul? Fix my eyes on God. Soon I’ll be praising again. (Psalm 42:11, MSG)

This weekend at Canyon Creek was one for the books. We started off the morning with a spirited time of worship together followed by an incredibly jubilant evening Patriotic Concert. As a capstone to the whole thing, we honored one of our own by recognizing Marsha Ray for her 22 years of music direction and service to this great congregation as she begins retirement. Sure, we went over the top with the celebration, but it was great, a high energy, spirit-filled occasion from start to finish that was packed with one surprise after another.

You should have seen the staff on Monday, though. It’s as if we spent every ounce of life on the weekend. Oh we showed up for work like always, but the spring in our step looked more like a limp. We couldn’t pull a thought out of our brains if our lives depended on it. A six pack of Red Bulls would not have been able to perk us up. It was the letdown after the party.

Enjoying the party is always easy. I mean, who doesn’t like a party? But I have also come to appreciate the letdown time as a time of restful reflection, a time that reminds me there is more of life yet to come, more of God yet to come, and another day yet to be. We all experience the exuberant moments that are inevitably followed by the spent moments. The lesson is to appreciate them both for the gifts they can give, for they are each part of the rhythm of the spiritual life.

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