Spring 2023 Sunday School Offerings at 9:30am

CCPConnects Class

If you're wanting to find out more about CCPC, meet folks and see where and how to find your place, this is the class for you!  A discussion based class where any question is welcome and ok! The class meets seasonally in room 311 and is taught by Don McIntire, Kim Malcolm and Pattie Hubbard. 

ABCs of Faith

Led by Murray Rossini and Mark Walters - “From Judgment to Hope - A Study on the Prophets" / Room 310 / In-Person

Using the book by Walter Brueggeman we will study the prophets with a focus on the minor prophets.  Ours is a discussion group but discussion is optional and voluntary. 

Back to Basic Bible

Led by Rev. Dr. Larry Hitchens - “Of Prophets and Paul” / Room 313 / Hybrid

Looking at Paul as a New Testament figure that is in the prophetic line!  Active, open discussion!  


Compelling Faith

Our faith compels us to engage the world! / Room 315 / In-Person

We hope you will join us as we deal with current topics on a weekly basis using the weekly curriculum, The Wired Word.  Class will be led by Thad and Andrea Satterfield, Teri Brooks,  Karen Cozby and Peggy Parrent. We meet at 9:30a Sundays in 315 to experience and develop compelling faith that transforms the world.  And us!  

Raising Our Youth

Coordinated by Heather Brackett - For parents of tweens and teens / The Loft on the Third Floor / In-Person 

Heather Brackett facilitates this communally self-led class.  Topics include parenting, Bible study, study of religions, and relationship enrichment - books and streamed content.  


Wrestling with God

Led by Robert Hall and Jon McClure.  This spring, Jon teaches on Genesis / Room 312-314 / In-Person with Recorded Lessons

Genesis:  Wrestling with God – Creation, Conflict, Exile, Blessing, Restoration  / Room 312-314 

Genesis, the book of ancient origins, is so very rich in meaning   relevance for today’s chaotic world:  the creation story viewed through the lens of Western vs. Eastern culture, historic narrative vs. allegory – all while allowing for ever-present mystery.