August 28 - Fall Sunday School Preview

If you missed the Fall Sunday school class preview on Sunday, August  28, you can watch it here. The Adult Sunday School teachers each gave a preview of what they will be teaching on this Fall.  

Our Sunday Classes are shown below.  Other Bible studies are offered in the week.  See Women's MinistryMen's Ministry and Young Adults for more info.

Fall Sunday School Offerings at 9:30am

ABCs of Faith

Led by Murray Rossini and Mark Walters - “A study of the Book of Isaiah" / Room 310 / In-Person

“A study of the Book of Isaiah" using the study guide by Gary W. Light [John Knox Press].  Ours is a discussion group but discussion is optional and voluntary. Isaiah speaks of God’s relationship with the prophet, the people, the kings, and the servant. Isaiah’s message invites us to explore God’s character and to develop a deeper understanding of our living God.”

Back to Basic Bible

Led by Rev. Dr. Larry Hitchens - “Of Prophets and Paul” / Room 313 / Hybrid

We will begin our exploration of the Old Testament prophets by first looking at the end game, i.e. the destruction of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah.  To do that we will open up with a study of Lamentations, which is a lament over what happened to both kingdoms.  Then we will take up each of the prophets in chronological order and discover what they were addressing and what came of it.  Some of the themes we'll deal with are God is in charge; the destruction was punishment; and God has not abandoned Israel.  Then, in the spring, with that under our belt we'll look at Paul as a New Testament figure that is in the prophetic line!


Compelling Faith

Our faith compels us to engage the world! / Room 315 / In-Person

We hope you will join us as we deal with current topics on a weekly basis using the weekly curriculum, The Wired Word.  Class will be led by Thad and Andrea Satterfield, Rev Rick Brooks,  Karen Cozby and Peggy Parrent. We meet at 9:30a Sundays in 315 to experience and develop compelling faith that transforms the world.  And us!  

Enneagram Intro

6-week course led by Emily Herrera.  Intro to the Enneagram Journey / Room 207 / Hybrid 

The Enneagram is an ancient system that identifies nine different personality types and are used for spiritual direction and growth. Emily will be facilitating using portions of the Enneagram Journey written and taught be Suzanne Stabile. “The purpose of this curriculum is not just to teach an intellectual understanding of the Enneagram, although you will get a good grounding in its basic concepts. Knowing your Enneagram Number and learning about the Enneagram are not enough to help you work with your personality and promote spiritual growth. Transformation and growth take place as a community of people experiences the Enneagram together. That is why we have called this curriculum The Enneagram Journey—it’s a shared experience designed to help you connect with other members of your group and learn with and from each other.”— from The Enneagram Journey Curriculum.

This will be followed up by the Spring with The Enneagram Journey, a 12-session curriculum.

Raising Our Youth

Coordinated by Heather Brackett - For parents of tweens and teens / The Loft on the Third Floor / In-Person 

Heather Brackett facilitates this communally self-led class.  Topics include parenting, Bible study, study of religions, and relationship enrichment - books and streamed content.  


Wrestling with God

Led by Robert Hall and Jon McClure.  This fall, Robert teaches on Hope / Room 312-314 / In-Person with Recorded Lessons

Life is hard, losses accumulate – which is why the hope of Christ is so needed. This Fall we will revisit the wisdom of some of this era’s most inspiring authors in relating Jesus’ ‘greatest hits’ of hope to today’s challenges: Philip Yancey, Anne Lamott, Brennan Manning, Richard Rohr, Henri Nouwen, and yes, Ted Lasso. In a time when messages of darkness seem to flood over us, our focus will be on light and hope. Come prepared to share the light and invite a friend or family member to join us for a Fall focused on hope.