Fall 2023 Sunday School Offerings at 9:30am

CCPConnects Class

If you're wanting to find out more about CCPC, meet folks and see where and how to find your place, this is the class for you!  A discussion based class where any question is welcome and ok! This 4-week class meets seasonally in room 311.  The next class begins 9/10.

ABCs of Faith

Led by Murray Rossini and Mark Walters - "Paul" / Room 310 / In-Person

Paul for Everyone: The Prison Letters: Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon

The book by N. T. Wright explores each text with background information and suggestions on how this scripture is relevant to our lives today.  Ours is a discussion group but discussion is optional and voluntary. 

Back to Basic Bible

Led by Rev. Dr. Larry Hitchens - “Beginnings” / Room 313 / Hybrid

The beginning of Creation, the beginning of a family, the beginning of a people, the beginning of a church, the beginning of a fulfilled promise.  The focusi of this exploration will be Genesis - Exodus in the Old Testament and Luke – Acts in the New Testament.  The question is always, “What is God up to?”  Let’s find out, together! 


Compelling Faith

Our faith compels us to engage the world! / Room 315 / In-Person

We hope you will join us as we deal with current topics on a weekly basis using the weekly curriculum, The Wired Word.  Class will be led by Thad and Andrea Satterfield, Teri Brooks,  Karen Cozby and Peggy Parrent. We meet at 9:30a Sundays in 315 to experience and develop compelling faith that transforms the world.  And us!  

Wrestling with God

Led by Robert Hall and Jon McClure.  Room 312-314 / In-Person with Recorded Lessons

“Richard Rohr:  Falling Upward and Other Teachings for the Journey   

In Falling Upward he describes the journey for the two halves of our life:  Building Our Container and Finding Its Contents.  In this study we will use some of his most powerful teachings to launch class discussions about our own journey. 

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