Mission Statement: "Ignite the joy of our humanity through intentional activity to build relations and glorify God."




Annual 5K Goat Run


Rough Riders Game

What to Watch For

  • Playful Transformation of Existing Space (Inside and Out) - We are discerning how our beautiful space can be used more often for God's purpose.

  • Playful "One-Offs" - Intergenerational events to entice everyone with a variety of interests. 

  • Food Truck Park/Open Table Space - We are working on a community green space with play area for children, picnic tables and a place for food trucks to park.

  • 5K Goat Run - An annual fundraiser for Villages in Partnership. The funds are used to buy goats for the impoverished in rural southeastern Malawi. 

The goal of the PLAY Ministry is "To provide a vision for using play within and beyond the church to create a deeper sense of connectedness with our neighbors, each other, and with God."