Why Give to CCPC?

It's a great question. We could talk about all of the vibrant ministries of the church that deepen the faith and enhance the spiritual life of all who are part of them. We could go on an on about how lives are changed locally through our partnerships with organizations like Gateway of Grace, who helps refugee families move into the Dallas area, or Austin Street Center, who helps the homeless community in Dallas, or Otto Middle School just across the street from us, and many others.

We could tell you about the numerous villages in Southern Malawi whose entire way of life has been transformed because of our work with Villages in Partnership, an organization who is present there year-round.

We could say a lot about why we think giving to CCPC is an easy decision to make. But, perhaps the best thing to do is for you to hear from some of our members about why they give. Here are a couple of videos to look at:

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