And other seeds fell into the good soil and as they grew up and increased, they yielded a crop and produced thirty, sixty, and a hundredfold.
(Mark 4:8)

Take a moment to think about our church’s ministry a few years into the future. Imagine a seminary student receiving support for tuition and books, a community in Malawi pumping fresh water from a new well, and local community events all funded through legacy gifts to Canyon Creek. The purpose of the Legacy Funds Ministry at Canyon Creek is to expand and enrich the mission of the church by promoting and establishing endowment funds that will provide a source of income in perpetuity outside the scope of the church operating budget.

The General Endowment provides support for the religious, charitable, educational, and benevolent undertakings of the church, as determined by the Session under the circumstances at the time of the expenditure.

The Mission Endowment provides support for the expansion of the mission into community, institutional programs, or other works of the church, at home or abroad.  The Moderator of the Mission Committee is informed of the available amount, and the Mission Committee will direct where the funds are to be deposited or how they will be disposed.

The Education Endowment promotes education and learning by providing financial support to active CCPC members who are students in institutions of higher education or who seek to continue their education in Christian ministry and funding to enhance CCPC’s Christian Education programming and activities.

The Worship and Music Endowment provides support for music and special worship activities and events in the life of the church.

The Grounds and Facilities Endowment supports the design and construction of new buildings, the renovation and upgrade of existing structures, the addition of new technologies and the beautification of the campus.

The Canyon Creek Legacy Funds are held at Texas Presbytery Foundation and are managed under the authority of the CCPC Session. If you have questions about planned giving to CCPC or want more information about legacy giving, contact the church finance office at 972-238-8103.

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