"Free to Thrive" Capital Campaign

What is this campaign about?

From the very beginning, CCPC’s physical location has served as a doorway between those we meet inside the walls and those we serve beyond the walls. While the church continues to grow and connect with the wider community, it is important to have a strong foundation to work from. 

The facilities are an essential part of achieving our mission and are the means to help us reach out and invite others to connect with us and with God. Our building needs to be ready to welcome more people, new people, and new kinds of people, as well as support a new generation of mission and ministry. God is calling each of us to work together in the present, allowing those around us to experience the Christ-centered connection we have come to know and love. It is time to come together and build new relationships. It is time to work together to prepare for future generations so we are Free to Thrive in the next 60 years.

The time to move forward is now, and this campaign will help us do so.

With your generosity in this new season, we plan to repair, renovate, and reach out. 

What is your place in this campaign?

We are asking you to do three things: 
"God, what do you want to do through me?" It is only by seeking God's guidance that we sucessfully reach our goals of this campaign.
Commit to coming to worship during this season, join a class or small group, participate in a mission opportunity, and attend special Sundays.
  • October 29 - Gratitude Sunday
  • November 5 - Ministry Sunday
  • November 12 - "Free to Thrive" Sunday
  • November 19 - Commitment Days Begin
  • December 3 - Announcement Sunday
Boldly and faithfully respond to God's call for your participation. God does not call us to an equal share, but to equal sacrifice. Only God can lead you to what would be a sacrificial gift for you. 
Whatever your amound is, your gift matters. Your prayers mtter. Your presence matters. You are part of what makes this incredible church a place and a people that is Free to Thrive. 

Free to Thrive Campaign Predicted Budget*

  • Repair the roof
  • Repair water damage
  • Apply sealant to church exterior
  • Replace window seals
  • Repair HVAC system
  • Sanctuary sound system
  • Replace high-use carpet
  • Window tinting
  • Counseling Scholarship Fund
  • True Love Church Fund
  • Outreach Programing Fund

*Session will allocate funds for these projects as commitments are received. Cost estimates are subject to unforseen economic variables.


"Gratitude Sunday"

"Ministry Sunday"