The Diaconate of Canyon Creek is comprised of 42 Deacons, all of whom help put a hands, feet, a loving heart and a face to the caring ministries of the church.  We love our Deacons!


Class of 2023

John Avitabile
Ann Cain
Carlene Chambers
Karen Conditt
Bill Erickson
Janet Hafker
Doreen Hewes
Margaret Jones
Kathy Mays
Kelly McGee
Kirk Meador
Donna Outhouse
Diane Schmoll
Kristen Shepard
Lynn Silver

Class of 2024

Phil Anderson
Ray Chambers
Brad Clapp
Chrsitine Craft
Hal Denton
Carolyn Dierks
Tony Gray
Melissa Hyatt
Susan Ingle
Danny Parrent
Peggy Parrent
Kimberly Richard
Dwayne Rockwell
Laura Rossini
Ann Turner
Mark Walters

Class of 2025

Jim Chaffin
M.E. Clary
Darryl Frederick
Melanie McDonald
Morgan McDonald
Sally Michaud
Sue Rentz
Katherine Seitz
Andrea Sywy
Sonia Walker

Class of 2026

If you would like to help care for our church, email Pastor Ellen