Earth Care Congregations

Canyon Creek Presbyterian Church is certified as an 'Earth Care Congregation' by the Presbyterian Church (USA).

Established in 2010 by the Environmental Ministries of the Presbyterian Hunger Program, the Earth Care Congregations initiative encourages church bodies to adopt and maintain earth-friendly practices in all aspects of church life.

Active stewardship of God’s creation

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PC(USA) Earth Care Congregations


Carlene Chambers

Certification as a PC(USA) Earth Care Congregation begins with the Earth Care Pledge:

  • Our worship and discipleship will celebrate God’s grace and glory in creation.
  • Our education will encourage and support each other in keeping and healing the creation.
  • Our facilities will be managed, maintained, and upgraded to respect and cherish all creation.
  • Our outreach will encourage community involvement and public policy to protect and restore the earth.

Certification continues with commitments to complete earth care practices, projects, and programs. The questionnaire includes more than 130 line items in the areas of worship, education, facilities and outreach.

Earth Care at CCPC

To formalize our commitment to the Earth Care Congregation program, Canyon Creek created an Earth Care Ministry Team that meets monthly. This team is composed of 5-10 church members, and new members are welcome at any time.

Commitment to intentional care

“It is exciting that Canyon Creek is dedicated to intentional care of God’s creation,” said Jessica Maudlin Phelps, Associate of the Presbyterian Hunger Program and head of Sustainable Living and Earth Care Concerns. “CCPC’s activities and commitment will no doubt inspire others to answer God’s call to ‘till and keep’ His garden.”