Mission Statement: To build relationships with our area neighbors who have urgent needs.

Who are we?  We are an open team within CCPC that provides on-call emergency services and supplies on a short-term basis to meet the immediate physical needs of six cities around us, working with city emergency managers, such as .  

How do I sign up?  Email us or just go to your Realm app or onrealm.org and click your profile, and fill in your skills and interests, noting which resources you bring to the game--including simply a willing spirit!  There are needed many ways to serve, from on-call project manager, to on-call communicator (each with training) to our ERST person-power pool, to having transportation means, tools, or other skills/equipment. We'd love to have you on the team!

How do I learn more?  

Contact Theron Russell or

Pastor Ellen Dittman.  





In order to help our neighbors, we must first be prepared ourselves.

Are you prepared for tornadoes, floods, winter storms, or wildfires?

What about chemical spills, radiation or biological incidents or explosions? 

The TX Ready check list can help you prepare your home and family.