Steering Committee

Theron Russell and Barry Krause, co-chairs; Brian Craft, Katie Bayley, Gwen Berner, Gwen Caldwell, Mary Terry, Joanne Grant, Margie Russell, Rev. Ellen Dittman

Emergency Response Service Team

Mission Statement: To build relationships with our area neighbors who have urgent needs.

Goal: To create a team within CCPC to provide emergency services on a short-term basis to meet the immediate physical needs of non CCPC members resulting from unforeseen circumstances.

Tasks: Coordinate with local emergency city management to support local fire and police in providing needed services due to disasters.


Are You Prepared?

In order to help our neighbors, we must first be prepared ourselves.

Are you prepared for tornadoes, floods, winter storms, or wildfires?

What about chemical spills, radiation or biological incidents or explosions? 

The TX Ready check list can help you prepare your home and family.

Where and how will you enter the life of CCPC in 2021?
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Sunday Worship at 11:00 am
STIR begins September 23 at 7 pm Atrium
Women's Bible Study begins September 22, 10 am