Get Connected with Realm

We may be apart due to the pandemic, but we need each of you to do your part to help connect us by taking just a moment to check and update our Realm settings in 3 ways:
  • Upload a current photo – help folks put a name with a face!
  • Change your settings to “public” (means that CCPC our folks can access your name, family members, address, phone, birth day (not year) to drop a card or email or give you a call or text)
  • Set your email setting to Daily Digest – this is the best, simplest way to keep up to date on anything happening in your groups
Here are short videos showing you how to do these updates on your Realm Settings on an iphone, Android, or your computer. 
Thank you for doing your part to keep CCPC connected! 
In Christ,
Pastor Ellen
Where and how will you enter the life of CCPC in 2021?
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STIR begins September 23 at 7 pm Atrium
Women's Bible Study begins September 22, 10 am