No one can tell YOUR story like YOU can.

The Testiment podcast deals with subjects, all from a theological context, related to culture, entertainment, spirituality, economics, and lifestyle. The “feeling” of each episode varies: some episodes will be heavy, others will be light, and some will be in the middle. The goal is to hear from people, where they are, as they are, and how they are. It is our hope that in this type of sharing, all of us will gain new insights and perspectives in a world that sorely needs a fresh breath. The “Test-I-Ment” Podcast is a place for actual people to be heard.

STIR Worship Interview One

Audio File: 2022-02-09-1031_DarylFrederick.mp3 (22.95MB)

STIR Worship Interview Two

Audio File: 2022-02-09-1227_CindyMcIntyre.mp3 (20.11MB)

STIR Worship Interview Three

Audio File: 2022-03-02-1435_MEClary.mp3 (31.08MB)

STIR Worship Interview Four

Audio File: 2022-02-09-1748_Ashley.mp3 (20.67MB)

Episode 5 - Race & Ethnicity: What’s the Difference? with Special Guest, Joanna Kim, Director of Ministry Services, Grace Presbytery

Audio File: Podcast_Episode5.mp3 (80.91MB)

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