Growing Leaders

If your spiritual gift is leadership, teaching, wisdom or project management, we have a place for you!  


Teachers are welcome to join our teams in adult, youth and children's ministries as we seek to inspire, broaden, and deepen our church's understanding of the Bible and faith in action. We offer teaching teams as well as help with technical support for digital content or zooming our adult teams. If you are a teacher, we need you!  

Adults - Email Pastor Ellen

Youth - Email Laura Martinez

Children - Email Kate Morrell


If your gift is visioning or empowering and encouraging in creative ministry, you may want to serve on our Session or any of our committees. This is where the ministry really happens!

Project Manager

If you are a project manager by nature, we need you on our ERST Emergency Resonse team, the Fun Team, or in other leadership positions. Email Pastor Ellen to find the best fit!